Monnie Management

Applicant Screening Criteria Disclosure

Applicants are urged to review the screening criteria to determine if the requirements can be met. If any applicants needs assistance in the application process, please advise the agent. A valid explanation for any difference from the requirements may be considered by the agent if provided by the applicants. If necessary, provide additional information or explanation on a separate paper.

Failure to meet the screening criteria may be grounds for: (I) The denial of the application, or (2) The requirement of a co-signer who will also be required to meet the screening criteria and/or (3) The requirement of payment of an additional deposit.

Incomplete, inaccurate, illegible or falsified information may be grounds for rejection or termination of the rental agreement upon discovery.

  1. Application process

    At least one applicant must have viewed the property before applying.  Or (as of Dec 3rd, 2015), if unable to view in person, we can attempt to arrange a virtual tour over facetime or skype, if the technology gods are smiling on us.

    Each applicant over 18 shall submit a completed application that is legible, verifiable and accurate.

    Each applicant shall provide picture identification.

    An applicant screening charge of $30 per person 18 and over shall be paid at the time of application. This charge is refundable if a prior application is accepted.

    We do consider your demeanor and behavior during the application process.

    We reserve the right to increase the security deposit if we allow a pet.

    Monnie Management utilizes a Tenant Screening Service

    Monnie Management obtains credit reports to verify financial information.

    Monnie Management obtains reports of civil and criminal records to verify information.


  2. Source and amount of income

    Total income shall be 2 times the rent..


  3. Housing references

    The applicant(s) shall provide information necessary to verify rental history (the previous two landlords) or home ownership.


  4. Limitations

    We do not rent to individuals who have been evicted in the past 3 years

    Occupancy may not exceed two persons per bedroom plus one extra

    All our rental units are non-smoking.