Monnie Management LLC

Apartments For Rent

Portland, Oregon


To apply for one of our available rental properties, use the rental application found at the link below.  Each person age 18 or over intending to occupy the rental must complete an application and submit it along with an $30 application fee.  This fee covers the cost of doing a credit and public records check.  Send application(s) along with the fee, to Monnie Management LLC, PO Box 82613, Portland, OR 97282-0613. 

Or, fax or email the applications to , and use PayPal to send the application fee:



Fee type
Applicant name, Proprty street

Or call us at the number above to arrange to meet.

Rental Application
Screening Criteria
Fair Housing Statement


Fees charged by Monnie Management LLC:

Late rent payment fee $100
Lease break fee (for leases that aren't month-to-month) one month's rent
NFS check fee $35 plus bank charges
Smoke alarm / carbon monoxide alarm tampering fee $250
Non-compliance fee $25